Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year

Its hard to believe that another year has passed. 2009 was definitely a success. When Local Table opened in May, the response from the community was amazing. People have been very supportive of this new venture. I had the pleasure of working on many great caterings in 2009. It was busier than expected, but no one is complaining about that. With the kinks ironed out, we are well positioned to take on 2010.
Thanks to everyone for your support.

Plans for 2010
After recognizing the need for regional culinary education in the Kawarthas, Local Table is well poised to provide clients with a rare taste experience. With the capacity to grow substantiallymore food this year, a broader variety of vegetables will be integrated into the menus. We have also expanded our list of suppliers through tedious research for new products, finding many exciting new treats to integrate into our menus. We are also going to be growing some experimental crops in hopes offering some eclectic vegetables and fruits. All this is thanks to the partnership with Tall Tree Farm in Havelock, who has been so kind as to offer space and facilities for the 2010 growing season. As part of this partnership you will find Local Table at the Peterborough Farmers Market sporadically throughout the season offering fresh from the farm culinary delights.

More preserving is planned with a new dehydrator in the works. Canning was successful with Asian Pickled Radishes, Plum Chutney, Sweet Corn, and much more last year so we will continue to develop new recipes and delicacies in the jar.

Due to increased demand, Local Table will be doing more large functions and weddings in 2010. We are planning large events now to ensure availability of specific items. Pre-arranging menus before March allows us to plan to have crops planted, or have other farmers working with us to provide specific items.

There are many more plans for 2010 but that is all to come in due time.
Till then Eat Local! Eat Fresh!
Thanks again for all the support.